Heroes & Medals

"Most excellent"-Group Exhibition, Jewellery - Art for Heroes to mention 100 years to WW1

"Do heroes still exist today?

And if they do, who are they and (how) should they be recognised?

In response to this, "most excellent!" brings together a multiplicity of impressive artistic reflections. With their jewellery, sculpture, photography and video,artists from Erope, Asia and Latin America react to both the timeliness and the ambivalence of the subject matter...."

 from the book "most excellent" 

second year course instructed by Prof. Deganit Schocken and Mr. Sharon Kern was held in cooperation with the Germans from "Most Excellent", an exhibition in Chlmnitze Germany, winter 2016.


MY MEDALS: "Medals Dedicated to Anonymous Heroes" 

"We live in an era where hubris rules are lead.Hubris is one of the main causes of turns and manipulation in modern life.

Any medal canbe an "opportunity" for the sin of pride.

from the book "most excellent" page 54

At the Exhibition in Chlmnitz, Germany, January 2016.