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I am Rill, 26 years old, a third year Jewellery Design student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Israel.

Since childhood I have been surrounded by art. My father was a soundman and my mother is a graphic artist. Both my parents taught me the importance of a wide, open and creative mind.

As a family, we traveled a lot and I was exposed to multiple visual contents and impressions, which enriched my inner world.

The decision to become a jewellery designer was influenced by my love for miniature objects. I am interested in playing with proportions and positioning objects in space.

I have always been fascinated by the transition of raw materials into works of art, which hold aesthetic and sentimental values. I am also intrigued by the relationship between jewels and the human body, which can create conventional and unconventional shapes.

For me, a jewel is an instrument of cultural, rational and philosophical expression.

Jewels are immortal. They have existed since the beginning of civilization. People have always been adorning themselves with jewels and they have been desired objects.

The materials from which jewels have been conventionally made are precious but the development of technology has added new materials from which jewels can be created. I am interested in exploring the endless possibilities which these materials and new technologies offer.

I believe that creating objects of beauty can make our world more aesthetic and pleasant.