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Moscow Russia

 inequality. But for majority of people in Russia it is a day filled with stereotypical courtesies: flowers, chocolates and  “Let’s give mom a rest today”. March 9 for both is a sobering return to everyday reality, where women are perceived as serving staff, are paid 30% less than men on a similar post and are 5 times more likely to be killed in an incident of domestic violence.

Feminism and gender stereotypes more and more often become a subject of heated debates, editorials and Oscar speeches, as well as movies, TV-shows, performances, comic books and many other art forms. Contemporary jewelry art quite often touches on this subject as well, – however, this form of expression still seems unusual to a Russian viewer who expects a jewelry piece to have a hallmark and carats rather than an opinion on a hot topic. Even Russian jewelry artists prefer small-circle events, contests, and exhibitions with vague subject names, known only to themselves and their support teams.

​9 March Project is an attempt to kill two birds with one stone. We want to bring contemporary jewelry to light by rising through it questions that are relevant for many: feminism and gender stereotypes. We want to show that contemporary jewelry is no less of an art form than painting or sculpture. We want to discuss women’s place in society and as a means of expression, we want to use something that was always, as women themselves, considered beautiful but insignificant – jewelry. We think that combining two controversial subjects can benefit both: people interested in questions of gender can through it learn more about contemporary jewelry and jewelry lovers will be able to reflect on the modern feminist agenda.

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